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Shadow's Ridge is a plastic injection molding company located in Winchester, Virginia. Originally focused on small molded plastic parts, we now have 6 molding machines from 50 metric tons to 500 metric tons. We also do assembly and secondary operations in-house.

We do both short run or small batch molding up to high volume. Capabilities also include insert molding, overmolding, CNC post machining, CNC engraving, ultrasonic inserting and product assembly.

Our well-equipped precision CNC machine shop provides primarily the support for customizing customer parts particularly in the case of secondary operations to molded parts, such as creating variations of molded parts. For example, threaded holes, connector holes, engraved annotations, precision fitting features not possible or practical to mold accurately. Our shop also provides the support for maintaining molds, minor modifications, mold repair. We also build fixtures as needed for product inspection, assembly aids, and other support for product assembly.

For the most part we have our plastic molds built by our Chinese associates. They provide molds from 3D model files per customer anticipated volumes, small volume often stays in China while long term production molds are transferred to us. Our Chinese associates build excellent molds, and build them to our standards if the mold is anticipated to be transferred to our facility. However, before leaving China, molds are fully tested, samples approved by the customer, and in most cases some production is run there to both cycle-in the mold and provide enough production for the customer to go to market while the mold is being transferred here. This also allows any “new mold” issues to be resolved before we get it, and the customer has an opportunity to make changes if needed for an unanticipated early product improvement.

Our China connections also help us provide services we do not do here mostly having to do with plastics, such as plastic and in-mold decoration, labor intensive plastic molding operations, and processes we do not have in-house.

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