About our Chinese Associates
Injection Molding In China

Thermoset Molding, High Volume Painting & Molding, Automotive Parts

Shadow’s Ridge has been fortunate to establish good relations with several Chinese Molding and Mold Making companies. It is a little surprising how similarly our partners operate compared to us. Of course, there are cultural and financial forces which cause some differences, but for the most part molding and tooling operations are much the same globally.

Communication works well. Many Chinese speak some English, as it is part of general education. All our Chinese associates communicate with us in fluent English. Another not so apparent phenomenon is we all speak a common technical language in the form of 3D design software, providing a graphical way of communicating.

While we focus primarily on molds and molding production, our Chinese associates are very resourceful in locating services they do not directly provide, for example thermoset molding, plastic decorating, high volume painting, automotive molding, and very high volume molding.

Lead time on molding orders is typically 2-6 weeks. On molds, it is usually less than 8 weeks to samples. Please note that these times will increase between our Thanksgiving and about 2 weeks after Chinese New Year. Aside from the holidays themselves, transportation can get clogged as well US and other worldwide customers are trying to expedite ahead of these holidays.

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